Billionaire Boys Club's Elevated Graphics

After transforming the music industry with his hip-hop-alternative-rock band N.E.R.D., in 2004 Pharrell partnered with Japanese fashion icon NIGO to launch two iconic clothing lines, Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream. Produced in limited quantities, Billionaire Boys Club offered a luxury take on skate-driven streetwear, whilst Ice Cream elevated skater fashion. Both helped drive skate culture to the mainstream, through bold graphics, playful motifs of astronauts and ice creams, and endorsement by your favourite skaters and rappers.

Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream are perhaps the greatest example of the trinity that exists between fashion, music and sport. Oh so holy.

These Glacier print jeans epitomise the elevated graphics employed by Billionaire Boys Club, as well as the uniqueness that our founding Dealer Thrifty Towel seeks to deliver with every piece. Unsurprisingly, these were snapped up by a lucky buyer as soon as they hit the site!

“From a young age, my influences were a fusion of different musical genres, and how people dressed who weren't necessarily connected to the music industry but rather to a street culture. Popular in garage culture, The BBC jeans arrived with the matching denim jacket. They’re instantly recognisable with the glacier mountain effect. I was fortunate to receive notices from a famous fashion stylist who understands the Thrifty Towel Brand, and she passed them on.”

Passed on with love. Discover these and many more unique pieces from Thrifty Towel.


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