Montbell Metropolis

Filming on a 360 camera may be the perfect way to promote a 30+ Montbell puffer drop. With an aptly-named campaign of ‘Montbell Metropolis’, Joe from 1036 Emporium released the puffers alongside a promo video that positioned his Montbell-wearing crew in Canary Wharf. The setting already elevated his streetwear beyond the streets, and the 360 camera elevated the collection further.

Whilst rare in fashion, this technique has been seen a few times in the music industry. Kendrick’s HUMBLE video famously played with a wide array of visual techniques and the 360 degree was one of these. The video was filmed by mounting a GoPro Omni on the handlebars of Kendrick's bike, with the stitches inverted to create a ‘tiny planet’ effect that captured everything around him. Dizzee Rascal was one of the first to use the 360 in popular music, applying a similar technique to his Bonkers video. Dizzee’s stated that he did this to do something different in his industry, and for Joe, it was similar: “I wanted to try something different & capture some shots that my audience hasn’t seen yet”.

The creativity of Joe’s campaigns elevates his drops - his Fifa Street style ‘1036 Emporium vs The World’ video is another that he dropped late last year - and making them come to life requires some “technical” editing. The ‘Montbell Metropolis’ drop is one of our favourites for sure. Showcasing his Montbell crew owning the streets of Canary Wharf and (literally) being on top of the world.

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