How Miu Miu Established Itself Through Cowboy Culture

Everyone is talking about Beyonce, but who knew that Miu Miu first forayed into Western and Country culture way back in 1993.

Initially positioned as an “anti-fashion” line to Prada when it was launched in 1993, Miu Miu’s debut Fall Winter collection centred around cowboys and cowgirls, sheepskin and soft fur gilets. At the time, Miuccia Prada’s intent with Miu Miu was not just to make Prada accessible at lower prices but, also, to establish the brand as a more subversive representation of her own personal identity. Lookbook imagery, archived on the Miu Miu website, showcases the distinctly more wearable and subversive collection. The fringed suede jackets and patchwork prairie skirts representing her raw, unfiltered approach to design.

“When I am working on Miu Miu, it has to come immediately, instinctively, spontaneously with whatever is available at the moment. If I think three times, I stop.” - Prada

The inspiration may be spontaneous, but the strategy guiding the brand’s development has seen Miu Miu evolve into one of the world’s leading brands. With Miu Miu having taken first place on the Lyst Hottest Brands Index last year for the second year running.

Beyonce, Louis Vuitton and Timberland have all recently shone a light on cowboy culture to subvert traditional narratives of Black and Indigenous people within Country culture, through the release of Cowboy Carter, the cowboy references in the Louis Vuitton FW24 collection, and Timberland’s Black Pioneer collection. Miuccia Prada, albeit in a completely different manner, led the way to subvert traditional norms through fashion. Her FW 1993 collection did this by unsettling traditional gender and social codes. Given the quality of her work, it is unsurprising to us that Miu Miu’s first-ever FW collection would undoubtedly sit at the forefront of today’s culture.

Looking for a piece to channel your inner Beyonce? Pieces from this collection and even the campaign imagery (synonymous with Miu Miu) are unbelievably rare to find. But drop us a dm and our collective will do our best 🤠

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