Meet The Founder: Theo

It’s too hard to keep things short and sweet. I’ve gone for the sweetness for this one, and to really know about me, I’ve got to take you back to the beginning.

*Spoiler: Shout out to my mama*

At 6 years old, my mama would dress me in old school Maharishi, either second hand or new from Guy (the store manager at their then flagship store on Floral Street). Probably due to her work as a textile designer, my mama nurtured me to appreciate thumb holes in sleeves and embroidered dragons. Product intricacies, technicalities and loud patterns were ingrained in me. My fashion obsession was fuelled by my mama. I am forever thankful🤱

At 16 years old, I had my own style, looking back now I can say a bit too focused on hype 😅 But I wouldn’t change a thing. I’d own pieces knowing I could resell them, and fund my next grail. I was even one of those kids who’d queue on the streets of Soho overnight - around the corner from my nursery and primary school - to grab the latest box logo from Supreme. Proxying and reselling items to make the queue worth it. What a time to be alive 💎

At 26 years old, I’ve launched Known Source. It looks good writing this. Sounds even better when I read it back. And boy, it feels oh so sweet. We’ve combined my desires as a buyer (quality items, no aimless scrolling, knowing who you’re buying from) with Henry’s needs as an established seller, to create a platform that works for everyone. We’ve got the best team out there and the best community that second hand fashion has to offer. Getting these individuals to believe in the Known Source vision has been the proudest moment to date. Prada us. Together we are going to take second hand to the forefront of culture. You best believe it. (More shoutouts at the end)

Although the idea was conceived a few years ago, now everything is in sync. Everybody’s ready. It’s lining up like the stars 
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