The Art of Wetting Yourself

Take any advert from Arcter’yx or Patagonia and you will see outfits being worn on powder-drenched ski slopes and rocky trails. It’s fair to say that pouring water over yourself is not a typical market stunt for any major fashion brand.

But that’s exactly what the likes of Archive 89, Second Wave and Wills Wardrobe continue to do. In 10-15 seconds of ASMR-heavy content, they perfectly encapsulate the clothing’s ultimate value to any one of us: its water resistance.

Some of these clips now have views upwards of 2M, many in the hundreds of thousands. From pouring water over a hooded Stoney to a pristine pair of Goretex Clarks, the technique is effortlessly simple. A simple flex, as Andrew (Archive 89) tells us: “It’s eye-catching. It just shows how well the water beads off the item”.

Like the gorpcore style, these videos initially trended on social media a few years ago. YT’s ‘Arc’teryx’ epitomised the moment, who was styled by the legends at Past Down for the music video as he didn’t even own an Arc’teryx jacket when he dropped the track. Classic. What was once viral though is now here to stay. Whilst Arc’teryx itself doesn’t look much different than it did 10 years ago, the people who wear the brand do. And as the outdoor economy continues to boom, accessibility and climate-resilience will be the new non-negotiables, with more people wanting to find quality clothing to keep them protected. Look no further than Archive 89, Second Wave and Wills Wardrobe.

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