Thermosensitivity and Stone Island

Stone Island is a golden source of innovation. Their industry-leading material research creates garments that stand the test of time.

One of their most ground-breaking innovations was released in 1988, The Thermosensitive Ice Jacket. The outer shell of the Ice Jacket was coated in a micro-encapsulated agent, comprised of molecules that when exposed to cold temperatures alter the flow of light. In other words, the colour and shimmer of the jacket responded to the cold.

Since the release of the Ice Jacket in 1988, Stone Island has frequently re-interpreted the thermosensitive fabric. In 2010 the company started to use a polyurethane film impregnated with a special pigment that modifies the passage of light depending on the temperature. This technique made the material adapt to respond to heat as well as cold (heat reactive). More recently, for AW17 Stone Island released an iconic thermo-sensitive knitwear collection, with the outer face of the knit made in an exclusive thermo-sensitive yarn that drastically changed colour when exposed to cold. The most memorable piece from the collection changed from orange to yellow in three tones, with the likes of Santan Dave sporting the knit for his video “No Words”.

The thermo-sensitive material is testament to Stone Island’s continual commitment to innovation. Technicalities that we love to see.
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