Authentication is a key value for Known Source. Without authenticity, we would not be doing what we’re doing. We’re an ecosystem that’s made by the community, for the community, to enable our users to discover high quality fashion and easily continue its life.

Our Dealers assess all listings before they hit the feed. Our Dealers are specialists who have all been operating for years, and ensure everything you buy is legit.

Look out for the Authenticated tag, there to inform you that the item has been authenticated.

Human moderators from Known Source use a combination of personal expertise and technology to re-confirm the authenticity of items on Known Source. Listings deemed not authentic will be permanently deleted. This has never happened in the history of Known Source, as this is not the standards that our community here sets.

Without authentic products, Known Source would not be able to have our Renew feature, through which we will sell on any purchase made at any point in the future. Renew is only possible because we guarantee the quality of the products that make up our platform. We are the only platform out there that can offer such a truly circular feature, because no other platform has a Dealer community like ours that can guarantee both quality and authentic products.

Trust is everything. Standards are permanent.

Buyer Protection

We want you to feel safe buying on Known Source. Not only do we vett our Dealers extensively, but all orders are covered by our Buyer Protection in the rare case something goes wrong.

Look out for the Trust Signals box on every product page.

Your purchase is covered if:

  • the item’s authenticity cannot be verified by us
  • the item you purchased materially differs from its description in colour, condition, fabric, and/or measurement
  • you were sent the wrong item

If you have any questions at all about your order, don't hesitate to click the message icon on your Orders page. Our team is always here to help.

Ultimately, we're an ecosystem. We're all in this together.