• We are building a grassroots ecosystem.

    Here to inspire any individual to find quality clothing for their unique style. 

    Known Source is a collective of the best independent businesses out there, curated with love so you can easily discover quality clothing. Our goal is for our community to represent you, no matter your style, background or price point. We want you to not only browse quality products, but also get to know the stories behind individuals that put in the graft to curate what we all love. 

    Quality product for us doesn’t just mean heritage brands or higher price points, it means products that have been made to live multiple lives. Every product that you buy from Known Source will be able to be worn and then passed on to another owner. That’s where our Renew feature comes into play: an anytime guarantee from Known Source that makes this possible.

    We’re made by the community, so we always want to hear from you. Drop us a message with anything that you’d love to see from Known Source. Let’s make it happen.

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    Buy with trust direct from our established Dealers, who’ve all been hand-picked for their love and expertise. Our community is diverse, here to represent you.

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    We resell items any item you purchase at any point in the future. A seamless process so you can relax. Simply renew your style anytime and live consciously.

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